Woodwork humour

Posted By on September 10, 2009

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. Can’t look at a piece of furniture with out crawling under it to see how its built.

2. Your vacation photos are just as likely to contain images of joinery and antique furniture, as beaches, sunsets and your family.

3. You walk by a pallet at work 3 times trying to figure out “A” how to get it home and “B” what you could make out of the wood.

4. You insist on using wooden pencils, because the mechanial pencils are just “wrong”.

5. You have wood books,magazines, catalogs, ETC in your bathroom.

6. You have 2 cars and a 2 car garage, but the cars have never actually been in the garage.

7. You are sitting outside and hear a router or table saw that belongs to your neighbor and you can tell the blade or bit is dull….. just by the sound it is making.

And if You made motorcycle like this , then woodworker is Your diagnosis .

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