Carved furniture by Amber Jean

Posted By on September 19, 2010

Amber JeanThese carved furniture and door are handcrafted by Amber Jean from Livingston, Montana, US.

Amber Jean first appeared in the media at age six when she took first place in a national drawing competition.

While in high school, her artwork was selected to represent talented youth, and was displayed in Washington DC.
Amber created a life-size figurative sculpture in steel when she was 16 and taught herself to carve with a chainsaw while in her 20’s.
Amber left Montana at the age of seventeen for Europe.
While in Germany, she showed her portfolio to the
director of the Bremer Kunstshule and was asked to be a guest student.
Returning to America after a year abroad,
Amber received many awards and scholarships that fueled her studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Montana State University.
Sharing her success story Amber Jean has been in various TV, radio, and print appearances.

Quoted from her website:
“I am fueled by adventure both inside and outside of the studio. Compelled to explore, I push boundaries, experiment, and scare myself. I’ve been shipwrecked on a Mexican island, stepped on by a bear while sleeping alone in the backcountry, nearly blown off the top of Mt Rainier, flipped in Class Five rapids, and completely mesmerized while climbing frozen waterfalls.
Exploring, I push my physical and mental limits while creating art and living life.”

More of Amber Jean’s art can be seen on her website:

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23 Responses to “Carved furniture by Amber Jean”

  1. The door is absolutely amazing! I hope it’s well sheltered. The rain would absolutely destroy it. In fact, I’d be concerned about years of expanding and constricting when the weather changes. Yikes!

    The bed is amazing too. Gorgeous!

  2. wood worm says:

    incredible… but i really miss the european effects of your work… germany has a nice a very nice age in the history from XVII to early XIX century of woodworks..
    the bed i think would be hot on any auction…

  3. Ranching man says:

    What a gift you have been blessed with. You have the ability to transform what you see and feel to make people understand the power and beauty of nature through your works of art. Whether it be the graceful power of a horse running or the wolve a predator of the night that sings such a haunting song under the glow of the moon. Absolutely breathtaking! Always continue to do what you do, it is what defines you!

  4. increible, como artista te lo digo felicitaciones

  5. increible felicidades. te lo digo como artista de la madera intarsia que soy.

  6. mdafran says:

    Constructing a piece of furniture is one thing, but crafting it needs another level of skills.Nice job.A true artistic masterpiece

  7. Sander says:

    I love your horse bed is it for sale or do you make them to sell ? I really would love you.

  8. Sander says:

    I meant that I really would love one of those bed for my own.

  9. Sharon Cole says:

    how do you order

  10. Gracie says:

    Is your carved “Horse Bed” for sale??
    Are any your carved works for sale??

  11. Rachel says:

    OMG! That is amazing!!! Is the horse carved bed for sale? If so how much would it be? It is amazing!

  12. patsy simmons says:

    how much are you asking for the carved horse bed please let me know

  13. Erika says:

    I really want the carved horse bed…is it for sale?

  14. Brenda says:

    Is the horse bed for sale? If so what’s the price?

  15. Guylaine says:

    Bonjour j aimerais acheter le lit avec des scultlures de chevaux,, je demeure au québec canada est ce que c est possible, merci

  16. Matthew Walker says:

    I’m interested in the horse carved need. Would like to know if have a listing of prices of these items.
    Thank you

  17. lisa kingan says:

    My question is where can I purchase something from her?


  18. donna snyder says:

    i am trying to find out where i can buy the horse bed its beaytiful . will you please let me know? i sure it,s for sale or it wouldn,t be on your site .please e mail me and let me know thanks DONNA

  19. could u please tell me where or if u can buy one of the carved beds

  20. Maxine Hohneker says:

    I love the horse bed. You are very talented. Are you selling it and what is it’s price?
    Maxine H.

  21. Deborah Boutsikakis says:

    I work for a private resident who has a home in Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, MT. I am interested in purchasing the Festive Lady wood carved bed. Please can you give me a price on a Queen and King?

    My contact info is:


    Thank you so much!

  22. Antoinette says:

    Absolutely fantastic! You are so gifted! Kudos to you!

  23. Lee-Anne says:

    Good Day Amber Jean

    Is your Horse carved bed made to order? Do you sell them or was it just a once off piece?
    I have a client that might be very interested in a bed like that.

    Whereabout are you and do you sell countrywide?

    What would something like that go for and for how much?

    Thanks and Kind regards

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