Woodwork humour

Posted By on February 13, 2011

Carved Jarvis by lonswood

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. You have ever used a wood chisel to remove a splinter from your finger (and you’re pretty darn good at doing it).

2. You line up your splinters after removing them from your hands and try to identify them.

3. If you sell your old tools to purchase newer and bigger ones and realize that you made more money selling tools then you made from your real job.

4. You love your cedar so much that after running it through the planer you even manage to make little packets of the sawdust and put them in each room of your house so your home smells like your shop.

5. You can use maple, cherry, birch, and poplar in the same panel, and no one else can tell.

6. The value of the tools in your truck outweigh the cost of the truck.

7. You bookmatch your drawer bottoms.

8. Your food goes bad because you stole the vacuum pump from your refrigerator to make a vacuum press. (man, my wife was TICKED!)

9. Your wife tries to convince you that family time is not spent in the wood-shop!

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