Carved turnings by Ralph Watts

Posted By on February 14, 2011

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These sculptures are turned and then carved by Ralph Watts from Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.

By education Ralph Watts is mechanical engineer and nuclear garbage man but by call of the soul he is woodworker with lifelong experience in building houses, furniture, and other useful household items.
Most of his creations are turned because he finds the design freedom offered by the lathe a satisfying contrast to the rigid requirements of engineering.

Ralph Watts

Ralph Watts says about his work:

The Zen Buddhist philosophy emphasizes reaching a state of mind where only you and the task at hand reside in your awareness. This is the state of mind I try to reach while turning wood or carving in my studio. Some days the hours quietly disappear into the work and I am surprised when I stop and find myself ankle deep in wood shavings. If the piece is nicely shaped and if the grain and texture of the wood combine to make you want to hold it or just enjoy its unique look, the energy you have expended is transformed into a calm joy.

More of his work can be seen and purchased here:

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  1. Mary Ridenhour says:

    I’m not sure what has prompted me to reach out, but I sure hope you get this and will respond. I tried connecting with the link you have for email, but my Microsoft wouldn’t work with it, so….

    I am so fascinated with your artwork, and when I was at my son’s house, I saw your Facebook bio and just had a feeling that I would love, love hearing from you. I know it’s been a long time, but if you get this and have a minute, get in touch with me. I especially liked your Facebook posting about “yellow dog Democrat.” My political stirrings have become a big part of my conversation and thoughts throughout most days, and I feel you and I have so much in common. Who knew!!!

    Your cousin,

    Mary Ridenhour

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