Wood Carvings by Alexander Grabovetskiy

Posted By on December 15, 2012

Alexander Grabovetskiy was born in July 1973 in Dimitrovgrad Russia.
Currently his woodworking / woodcarving shop is located in Waxhaw , North Carolina , US .
Alexander Grabovetskiy
Alexander got his first wood carving lessons when he was only six years old from his grandfather.
This brief mentoring in an old workshop was the beginning of a life-long career of wood carving.
When he was sixteen, hes works impressed  certified carver Vladimir Tokarev sufficient to make Alexander his apprentice.

He was arrested and sent to prison by  the Soviet Federal government due to his Christian faith and refusal to enter the Red Army .
He was freed from prison in age 21.
Alexander immigrated as a political refugee to the United states in 1996.

Alexander Grabovetskiy is a winner of  IWCOTY 2012 ( International Woodcarver of the Year 2012 ) by woodworkersinstitute.com .
Alexander did not sand his winning piece as he believes that tool marks make a masterpiece. “It is the same as brush marks on canvas in fine art,” he says.

About his passion Alexander Grabovetskiy said:
” I am Wood Carver and I am in love with wood carving: the beautiful waltz of steel and wood , the slice of the carving edge, smells and sounds.”

” Carvings made by machines are available but cannot offer the same quality you will find in our carving. Machine made work shows the limitations of a spinning router blade and lacks any sharp, intricate detail.
Each piece from our workshop is individually hand made.”

More wood carvings by Alexander Grabovetskiy can be seen on his website:  www.aalmarkllc.com

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  1. Anji says:

    I’m really pleased to be able to see the lovely woodwork that you share with us again. Thank goodness that Alexander is now free to carve to his heart’s content!

    ExposeYourBlog! Joining up bloggers for over two years.

  2. zulham says:

    beautiful work of art

  3. Abah Khebo says:

    Your wood carving work is very brilliant Mr. Alexander, as in our country Indonesia. In Jepara or in bali. your work is really very encouraging. thanks for sharing.

  4. Rudi says:

    Good morning…I wich you all the luck today in love…euromillions…not to much work…Enjoy life my friend… .nice art you make….

  5. Rudi says:

    0 degrees outside in Belgium…but with a warm feeling inside..see you my friend artist…beautifull by the way

  6. kang topjer says:

    wow, great work my friend, its beautiful art!!

  7. anisrahim says:

    i love wood carvings! and i prefer this for my house furniture 😀

  8. Andy says:

    Nice post… I like it

  9. Patt Hardesty says:

    Stunning examples of a true master carver…such talant…keep up the beautiful work!!!♥

  10. Nate Elarto says:

    I am amazed and inspired by your art and carcings

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