Woodwork humour

Posted By on October 21, 2009

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

Is this a message from mother nature ?

Is this a message from mother nature ?

1. You sit in a pew at church and try to calculate the board feet needed to make a pew and then to make all the pews.

2. whenever a stranger asks for directions you use all the local lumber stores as navigational markers.

3. every time you get a new tool, you re-read through all your back issues of Wood, Fine Woodworking, etc… to check out all those projects you can do now.

4. You turn your spare bedroom into a shop so you wont have to go outside, or to the garage. Or just so you  can work on projects in your slippers.

5. You can tell the front from the back of a box you made because the back has a pin hole in the back that you repaired and nobody can see it except you.

6. Your snot has the same texture and color as wood filler. (Please don’t use your snot people… doesn’t work as well).

7. You think reading moisture content in wood with a 2-Pin Meter is fun!

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