Woodwork humour

Posted By on September 6, 2009

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

Chicken Dragon by Charlie Benson1. You can tell how many tools you’ve sharpened this week by the number of bald spots on your forearms – or legs if that’s how you check your edge.

2. You havn’t bought a razor in years, because you’re sharpening skills are that good!

3. You drop a chisel and as you catch it, by the blade of course, you think three things; (1) “thank God I didn’t chip the blade”, (2)“at least I didn’t bleed on this work” and (3) “wow, that cut is so clean I won’t even need stitches!!

4. You carry three bandaids in your shirt pocket everywhere you go  (just in case).

5. when the wood in your shop starts to talk to you. Or any wood starts to talk to you. Some people call that crazy, I call it Artistic Genius.

6. You were temporarily excited…. then confused when you overheard co-workers (at the office) talk about picking up wireless routers at Best Buy or Circuit City.

7. You can tell a brand of tool from 1/2 a block away by the color

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