Woodwork humour

Posted By on December 24, 2009

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

wooden smile1. everyone who buys you presents carefully chooses only things you could not make in your shop.

2. no one gift you tools, because they think you must have at least one of everything you could possibly need—but you don’t.

3. You haven’t bought a tool in the last thirty days and the store calls up just to make sure you’re okay.

4. You have at least one stray power tool in the living room at all times.

5. You have at least five magazine subscriptions with the word “wood” somewhere in the title.

6. Your wife or SO has learned exactly what to tell you NOT to do when she wants something simple and fast:
“I don’t care what its made of, Don’t plane it, don’t joint it. Don’t even sand it if you don’t have to. Don’t stain it. Just grab one of your million boards and cut it up and turn it into some shelves for the shed.”

Bonus: You might be a slightly evil woodworker if after you notice all that lovely hardwood her current kitchen is made of, you switch into critic mode and “help” your boss’s wife decide to get her kitchen remodelled, and then seal the deal by offering to tear down the “old stuff” for her….. And then get paid overtime for it by your boss.

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  1. StarMars says:

    Nice read. This gave me an idea of a post.

    Happy Holidays!

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