Miniature wooden watches by Valery Danevich

| April 20, 2011

These pocket watches are made by Valery Danevich ( Валерий Даневич ) from Kiev, Ukraine. The only non-wood detail in these watches is the spring and they are fully working. Valeri Danevitsch was born on 13th October 1968 in Kiev, Ukraine. The tradition of carpentry work is distributed in the dynasty Danevitsch from generation to […]

Ship models by Den Holmes

| February 6, 2011

These handcrafted museum quality wooden scaled ship models are made by Den Holmes from Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, United States. Den Holmes said about his hobby: ” It started from a simple interest and simple ship building but has grown into a love of building these ships, as has my skills over the years. My hobby has […]

Netsuke from Switzerland

| May 23, 2010

These netsuke (miniature sculptures) are carved by Cornel Schneider from Kleinlützel, Switzerland. He was born in 1964 (the year of the Dragon). He began to cut netsuke late autumn 1995, immediately after a visit to an art show, where he saw the antique netsuke. He said: “I remember that moment very well, I was struck […]

Contemporary Netsuke from USA

| April 17, 2010

These contemporary netsuke sculptures are carved by David Carlin from Mill Valley, California, United States. These sculptures are carved from boxwood and then stained and painted and inlayed with bone, glass and amber. Netsuke (Japanese:根付) are miniature sculptures that were invented in 17th-century Japan to serve a practical function (the two Japanese characters ne+tsuke mean […]

Miniature Tool Chest from Kansas City

| December 23, 2009

This miniature tool chest is 1/12th scale reproduction of the Hewlett chest, a “gentleman’s chest” made in England in 1773. This miniature masterpiece is made by William R. Robertson from Kansas City, United States. All the tools are functional, from the hand-engraved boxwood folding rule with its five-leaf hinge (what was recording to Robinson  the […]