Period furniture from Tennessee

| June 6, 2010

These museum quality custom furniture pieces are made by Alfred Sharp from Woodbury, Tennessee, USA. Alfred Sharp is The recipient of the 2008 Cartouche Award from the Society of American Period Furnituremakers  (SAPFM) . He have done both furniture and architectural work for The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home, for the Tennessee State Capitol building, and […]

Miniature Tool Chest from Kansas City

| December 23, 2009

This miniature tool chest is 1/12th scale reproduction of the Hewlett chest, a “gentleman’s chest” made in England in 1773. This miniature masterpiece is made by William R. Robertson from Kansas City, United States. All the tools are functional, from the hand-engraved boxwood folding rule with its five-leaf hinge (what was recording to Robinson  the […]

Marquetry from San Diego, California

| October 12, 2009

Those two tables are made in American School of French Marquetry by W Patrick Edwards and they are re-creations of  the “family table” that belonged to Louise-Marie, the eldest daughter of King Louis-Phillippe of France. The original was probably made by Alexandre Bellange and exhibited at the Products of  Industry Exhibition held in Paris in […]

Model boat builder from Sri Lanka

| September 15, 2009

This model boat is build by Tuanie Ismail from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka . This one tenth scale model of an ancient Galleon (wreak) was made for the Dutch Maritime Museum In Galle  Sri Lanka . That famous merchant ship Avondster sank off the southern coast in the 17th century. As you can see, making such model […]

Reproduced furniture from Russia

| September 12, 2009

This extraordinary furniture is made in samples of André-Charles Boulle (11 November 1642 – 28 February 1732) by young Russian master Oleg Cherkasov , born 1974 in the city of Luhansk.