Laminated woodturnings by Jonathan Garcia

| May 24, 2011

These segmented wood turnings are done by Jonathan Garcia from Gilpin County, Colorado, United States. In 2007 Jon Garcia graduated from the school of Industrial Design at Metropolitan State College in Denver. After Graduation, Jon began acquiring an extensive collection of tools which enabled him to pursue his creative endeavors. Jon has always had woodworking […]

Carved turnings by Ralph Watts

| February 14, 2011

These sculptures are turned and then carved by Ralph Watts from Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. By education Ralph Watts is mechanical engineer and nuclear garbage man but by call of the soul he is woodworker with lifelong experience in building houses, furniture, and other useful household items. Most of his creations are turned because […]

Turned and carved wood vessel by Ron Fleming

| August 8, 2010

These bowls and vases are made by Ron Fleming from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. Ron Fleming is the premier carver of turned vessels and his works are in numerous collections and galleries including the White House. He was an illustrator for over 40 years and has a mechanical engineering background. Initially he was a carver […]

Turned vessel from Australia

| May 26, 2010

These turned and sculptured wooden vessels are made by Jack de Vos from Wungong, Western Australia. He was born in Holland and migrated, with his family, to Australia when he was ten years old. Since then, he lived in the Perth area, Western Australia. In 1993 he took up wood-turning full time. Today woodturning is […]

Woodworks from United Kingdoms

| March 23, 2010

These different works are made by Stuart King from High Wycombe, UK. Stuart King is a very versatile woodworker , He is a woodturner, marquetry maker, wood carver, furniture restorer and maker of miniature chairs. He was born in 1942 in Buckinghamshire village of Holmer Green and since 1974 he is freelance artist. He demonstrates […]