Woodwork humour

| September 10, 2009

You know you’re a woodworker if/when: 1. Can’t look at a piece of furniture with out crawling under it to see how its built. 2. Your vacation photos are just as likely to contain images of joinery and antique furniture, as beaches, sunsets and your family. 3. You walk by a pallet at work 3 […]

Marquetry from republic of Bashkortostan

| September 9, 2009

These paintings from wood in the style of marquetry  are made by two masters , Khomenko Eugene M. and Aseev  Vyacheslav V. from former soviet republic Bashkiria. Works of masters Khomenko and Aseev are paintings in wood, they are perfectly mastered the technique of marquetry, thin feel of the structure and characteristics of wood and […]

Driftwood sculptures from south west England

| September 8, 2009

Those beautiful sculptures from driftwood are made by Heather Jansch . I don’t know how much it is a woodwork but its certainly magnificent and unique art from wood . On hers website www.heatherjansch.com she have a visual feast of beautiful pictures of her sculptures . And here You can buy her first book .

Segmented woodturning from California

| September 7, 2009

Those amazing segmented turnings are made by Malcolm Tibbetts from South Lake Tahoe , California . His turnings have won many awards and prestigious collectors have acquired many of his art pieces. On his website hi have “how to” DVD-s and a book ” The Art of Segmented Woodturning ” available for purchase. And there […]

Wooden globe by Marco Aurelio R. Guimarães

| September 7, 2009

This globe is in scale of 1:40,000,000 and is made by Marco Aurelio R. Guimarães from Brazil . Its a mixed-media project that includes some excellent goldsmith works, marble/granite jobs, wood carving, marble turning, bent lamination, general woodworking and a new kind of  “spherical intarsia” . I find this project on lumberjocks.com where are more […]