Carved turnings from France

| October 30, 2009

These turned and then carved creations are made by Daniel Salvucci . Daniel and Isabelle Salvucci created their company: Le Bois de Montpion in 1994. And currently they have workshop-gallery “La Galerie du Bois Vert” located in Beaumont du Périgord , France. More of  his work can be seen on his web page :

Woodwork humour

| October 28, 2009

You know you’re a woodworker if/when: 1. Your “Dream Home” is above the shop. 2. You save every piece of wood over 1 board foot (and every other piece too). 3. when all of the wood pieces in your home have been altered. 4. Your kids ask you everywhere you go, “could you make that […]

Sculptural organic furniture from Atlanta, GA

| October 26, 2009

Every piece is an original one of a kind creation built in a one man shop by Robert Brou from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Naturalism Furniture examines the random beauty of nature through sculptural organic furniture. Robert Brou: “My work is a combination of my skills as a craftsman and my influence of nature, soft […]

Custom furniture from Nebraska

| October 25, 2009

Those carved furniture are made by Dennis Zongker from Zongkers Custom Furniture, Inc. in Omaha, NE USA. Zongkers Custom Furniture, Inc. is a family-owned company by two brothers: Dan and Dennis Zongkers. Dennis is self taught through trial and error woodworker who dedicated himself to the arts of furniture making since 1981. More of his fabulous […]

Sculptural furniture from England

| October 25, 2009

These sculptured furniture pieces are made by Peter Rolfe from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. He is both a designer and a maker of traditional and contemporary furniture, ranging from simple elegant jewelery boxes to more advanced sculptural pieces. More of his work can be seen on his website : Peter Rolfe Sculptural Furniture