Sculptures from Italy

| January 30, 2010

These modern sculptures from lime wood are carved by Gehard Demetz from Selva Di Val Gardena, Italy. Some of the expressions to characterize his art: Sick, cruel and amazingly beautiful. Delightfully creepy! Incredible intensity, depth and provocation of feeling. Sad and so beautiful! Sources: Gehard Demetz La Galleria Lawrence Rubin

Wooden sculptures from England

| January 24, 2010

These sculptures are carved by Michael Painter from Austrey, Warwickshire, England. Michael Painter is one of Britain’s most experienced Master Carvers. He was elected as a member into the Royal Society of British Sculptors. He has worked on Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Palace of Westminster and many National Trust buildings. During 1997 Michael […]

Fine marquetry furniture from California

| January 23, 2010

This furniture , covered with high-quality marquetry , are made by Paul Schürch from Santa Barbara, California, United States. When he was 15, he went to Switzerland, apprenticing to become a church-organ builder. With this knowledge, Schürch went on to learn about boat-building in the United Kingdom and marquetry in Italy, ending up back in […]

Woodwork humour

| January 17, 2010

You know you’re a woodworker if/when: 1. You actually considered naming one of your children Delta or Bosch, but didn’t hesitate at all naming your dog Porter-Cable! 2. someone talks about a wireless router, you ‘correct’ them by saying, “No, that’s cordless router!” 3. cleaning out the inside of your truck requires a first step […]

Chainsaw carvings from Australia

| January 16, 2010

These chainsaw sculptures are carved by Angela Polglaze from Yarraville, Australia . In 1997 Angie was to pick up a chainsaw for the first time in her life for the sole purpose of making art. She has been a full time ‘chainsaw chick’ ever since, with over 50 public art projects to her credit in […]