Carved furniture by Amber Jean

| September 19, 2010

These carved furniture and door are handcrafted by Amber Jean from Livingston, Montana, US. Amber Jean first appeared in the media at age six when she took first place in a national drawing competition. While in high school, her artwork was selected to represent talented youth, and was displayed in Washington DC. Amber created a […]

Wood Carving by Hans Joachim Cantor

| September 4, 2010

These sculptures are carved by Hans Joachim Cantor ( האנס יואכים קנטור ) from Tel Aviv, Israel. Hans Joachim Cantor was born in 1964 in Germany. In 1980 he immigrated to Israel. Hans began practicing carving without any background or school early. He taught himself to sculpt through observation, perseverance and strength of will. Artist […]

Sculptural furniture by Sabiha Mujtaba

| August 27, 2010

These carved furniture pieces are made by Sabiha Mujtaba from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Sabiha Mujtaba was born in Karachi, Pakistan but raised and educated in London, England. She moved to Atlanta in 1981 and start her company “Chrysalis Woodworks” in 1986. She has studied under several woodworking masters including Sam Maloof, James Krenov, Silas […]

Carved furniture from Moldova

| July 18, 2010

These furniture pieces are carved by Pulbere Anatoly (Пулбере Анатолий Николаевич) from Chisinau, Moldova. He was born in 1963. Pulbere Anatoly started carving since 2006. By education he is architect and by soul he is wood carver. He does not just design the whole rooms like offices and bars, but manufactures individual interior elements as […]

Sculpted furniture from USA

| May 16, 2010

These sculpted tables are made by Tom Deady from Sun City, Arizona, USA. Tom Deady has been an artist all his life, He began as a painter. He became a full time woodworker in the mid-1970s and He built himself a studio in 1983. Tom Deady is co-owner of NW Fine Woodworking cooperative. He retired […]