Wood Carvings by Alexander Grabovetskiy

| December 15, 2012

Alexander Grabovetskiy was born in July 1973 in Dimitrovgrad Russia. Currently his woodworking / woodcarving shop is located in Waxhaw , North Carolina , US . Alexander got his first wood carving lessons when he was only six years old from his grandfather. This brief mentoring in an old workshop was the beginning of a […]

Humorous Design Furniture by Judson Beaumont

| August 25, 2011

These furniture pieces are designed and made by Judson Beaumont from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Judson Beaumont was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1960. Judson studied art in Vancouver BC at Capilano College and graduated from the 3-D department of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 1985. He sed about time in […]

Carved wooden sculptures by Stanley Rill

| August 13, 2011

  These carvings are done by Stanley Rill from Port Townsend, Washington, United States. Stanley Rill is a self-taught professional woodcarver. He draws his inspiration from a love of nature , and it shows in each piece he creates. For Stanley Rill an essential and rewarding part of creating commission work is the interaction that […]

Marquetry furniture by Kory M. Zussman

| April 27, 2011

This home library furnishing is done by Kory M. Zussman from Calabasas, California, United States. Kory Zussman started woodworking as a 13 year-old kid in seventh grade. In senior high school he participated in “Vocational Wood Shop” which was two hours a day, five days a week. After senior high school he did not engaged […]

Carved Furniture by Kaj Lindgård

| April 9, 2011

These marvelous carvings are done by Kaj Lindgård from Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Jurva, Finland. Kaj has been studying cabinet making for three years and has been carving only four years, it’s amazing what can be achieved when you have talent and great deal of persistence ( and he is only 24 years old ). In my opinion […]