Erotic woodwork samples from unfamiliar (to me) masters

| September 15, 2010

Unfortunately, I do not know who has done these works, I do not even know where I found them. I surf a lot on the Internet and if I happened to see a woodwork related picture, I save it. Very bad that many webmasters do not add links or names of masters to pictures what […]

Erotic woodwork by four different masters

| September 5, 2010

I found only one work of art from each of the master that qualifies as an erotic woodwork, so I present them here together in one post. And here are links to pages where you can see more of their work: Alexandr Balter (Александр Балтер) – William Hewitt and Silas Kopf – […]

Inlay art by Andrey Momot

| August 29, 2010

These works of art in the inlay technique are done by Andrey Momot ( Андрей Момот ) from Russia. Unfortunately, I did not find any info on the artist, not in Russian or English internet. I assume that these wall hangings are made in technology of  inlay-ed marquetry. I like how the artist has been […]

Erotic marquetry by Dusan Rakic

| June 25, 2010

These marquetry art work are made by Dusan Rakic from Novi Sad , Serbia. His work “Oestrus – Erotic Issue” is one reason why I started this sub-blog. He uploaded this art piece to and it got banned. There were users who thought that it was too pornographic. And then I got the idea […]