Nude girls from wood by Alexander Perov

| July 17, 2011

. These sculptures are carved by Alexander Perov from Rodniki, Ivanovo Oblast, Russia. Alexander Perov was born in 1959. He got higher arts education from Kostroma Art School. He worked as a painter, sculptor and iconographer. Now Alexander Perov work as a designer in furniture factory. More of his sculptures, paintings and icons can be […]

Erotic wood sculptures by Daniel Fidanza

| June 28, 2011

These sculptures are carved by Daniel Fidanza from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Daniel Fidanza has drawn all his life. He started sculpting only after the trip to Europe where he saw the Romanesque, the school of medieval religious art and wonderful wood carvings, the fascinating medieval carvings in wood in the churches and convents of Galicia. […]

Gorgeous wood carvings from Republic of Kazakhstan

| June 23, 2011

These carvings are done by the folk artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Unfortunately I do not know their names, or even the name of the company who distributes their work. But in any case, their work is amazingly detailed and well finished. Much more of their magnificent art can be seen onĀ

Erotic carvings by Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski

| June 12, 2011

These relief carvings and sculptures are carved by Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski from Olsztyn, Poland. Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski started sculpting and carving in 1988. He works mainly in wood, but he also uses stone and bronze for his sculptures. Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski is a member of Art-eria, association of professional artists from Europe and woodcarvers associations in UK and […]

Erotic carved wood sculptures from Bali

| April 19, 2011

These sculptures are hand carved by masters from “Island Heat Imports ” which is located on beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. These sculptures are made of suar (sewar) wood which is indigenous to Ball and Java. It is a hard heavy wood and not easy to carve. You can buy these and also their other […]