Erotic sculptures carved by Michael Jean Cooper

| February 27, 2011

Michael Jean Cooper is a sculptor and very masterful woodworker from Richmond, California, USA. Besides carved wood sculptures he builds vehicles, flying machines and kinetic sculptures from metal and sometimes fiberglass. These sculptures are mostly made from maple and coated with oil paint and lacquer , with the exception of  “Fetish” which is made from […]

Wood carvings by Boris Ivanov

| February 13, 2011

These wooden sculptures are carved by Boris Ivanov ( Борис Иванов ) from Narva, Estonia. Boris Ivanov was born in 1968. He started carving in 1990. In 2002 he had solo exhibition in Narva Art gallery. And now he`s work are in private collections in Europe and the USA. Boris Ivanov never learned carving, he […]

Naked wooden sculptures by Sergei Klyuchnikov

| October 9, 2010

These sculptures are carved by Sergei Klyuchnikov ( Сергей Ключников ) from Samara, Russia. Sergei began with small forms: masks, spoons, bas-reliefs, murals, mirror frames and now he carves sculptures made of solid timber for parks and gardens. These statues are made of elm wood and impregnated with linseed oil. He believes that: “The woman […]

Erotic sculptures by Arrik J. Kim

| October 3, 2010

These sculptures are carved by Arrik J. Kim from Thompson, Northeast Connecticut, United States. Kim graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Fine Arts. Artist statement: “With the support of my wife and family, I’ve settled into midlife as an artist and craftsman, and my wood lot and work shop in the […]

Erotic woodwork samples from unfamiliar (to me) masters

| September 15, 2010

Unfortunately, I do not know who has done these works, I do not even know where I found them. I surf a lot on the Internet and if I happened to see a woodwork related picture, I save it. Very bad that many webmasters do not add links or names of masters to pictures what […]