Erotic sculptural furniture by Peter Rolfe

| June 30, 2010

These sculptural furniture pieces in the form of female and male human bodies are created by artist/woodworker Peter Rolfe from UK. It seems that he has been inspired by surrealist painter Salvador Dali, who did a lot of paintings/sculptures of women with drawers. Peter Rolfe is a most excellent craftsman, his work is particularly well-executed […]

WARNING about this web page

| June 28, 2010

WARNING this web page contains NSFW ( Need to Show Fellow Woodworkers ) materials ! If you are not old enough or mature enough to see the content intended for adults only then do not scroll down! Leave this page immediately by clicking HERE. If Your brain is shaded, affected by, or even damaged by […]

Erotic marquetry by Dusan Rakic

| June 25, 2010

These marquetry art work are made by Dusan Rakic from Novi Sad , Serbia. His work “Oestrus – Erotic Issue” is one reason why I started this sub-blog. He uploaded this art piece to and it got banned. There were users who thought that it was too pornographic. And then I got the idea […]