Weaved willow sculptures by Alastair Heseltine

| September 21, 2010

These willow sculptures are made by Alastair Heseltine from Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada. He began his studies of weaving in 1976 as apprentice basket-maker in “G.G. Musgrove & Son”, in England. In 1980 Alastair continued his studies in “French National School of Basketmaking”, Haute Marne, France. And from 2002 to 2004 Alastair Heseltine studied […]

Erotic woodwork samples from unfamiliar (to me) masters

| September 15, 2010

Unfortunately, I do not know who has done these works, I do not even know where I found them. I surf a lot on the Internet and if I happened to see a woodwork related picture, I save it. Very bad that many webmasters do not add links or names of masters to pictures what […]

Erotic sculptures made of wood by Dominique Regnier

| September 5, 2010

These sculptures are carved by Dominique Regnier from Souillac, France. Dominique Regnier was born in 1951. After 30 years spent doing things that do not interest anyone other than himself, he began banging on the blocks of marble and dead trees, and the mystery of creation has done the rest. He is an example of […]

Erotic woodwork by four different masters

| September 5, 2010

I found only one work of art from each of the master that qualifies as an erotic woodwork, so I present them here together in one post. And here are links to pages where you can see more of their work: Alexandr Balter (Александр Балтер) –  derevo-art.ru/master www.woodart.kiev.ua William Hewitt and Silas Kopf –  www.williamhewitt.com […]