Erotic carvings by Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski

Posted By on June 12, 2011

small yearning by Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski

“Small Yearning”

These relief carvings and sculptures are carved by Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski from Olsztyn, Poland.

Mieczyslaw WojtkowskiMieczyslaw Wojtkowski started sculpting and carving in 1988.

He works mainly in wood, but he also uses stone and bronze for his sculptures.

Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski is a member of Art-eria, association of professional artists from Europe and woodcarvers associations in UK and USA.

His work “And all those black eyes …” got a medal position in British Woodcarvers Association international review.

In addition to being a sculptor Mieczyslaw is also a poet and I could not quite understand what he meant when he said about his work “Warmianka”:
“If you had a reason
and a clean conscience
You would love me
for the actual carving,,”

More of Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski’s work can be seen on his blog:

Erotic carved wood sculptures from Bali

Posted By on April 19, 2011

erotic Bali sculpture

These sculptures are hand carved by masters from “Island Heat Imports ” which is located on beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.

These sculptures are made of suar (sewar) wood which is indigenous to Ball and Java.
It is a hard heavy wood and not easy to carve.

You can buy these and also their other works here:






Erotic sculptures carved by Michael Jean Cooper

Posted By on February 27, 2011

Self Portrait by Michael Jean Cooper

Self Portrait by Michael Jean Cooper

Michael Jean Cooper is a sculptor and very masterful woodworker from Richmond, California, USA.

Besides carved wood sculptures he builds vehicles, flying machines and kinetic sculptures from metal and sometimes fiberglass.

These sculptures are mostly made from maple and coated with oil paint and lacquer , with the exception of  “Fetish which is made from various hardwoods, brass and aluminum.

The “Self Portrait” is made from maple, aluminum, steel and found objects.

Quotation about sculpture “Fetish from San Jose State Exhibit Catalog:

Sculpture Fetish” is a fantasy object.
The penisbarreled pistol, untouchable and unattainable in its glass case, may be fired by cocking a hammer sheathed in a vaginal orifice.
Fetish is disarming in its condor and explicitness.
This exquisitely rendered weapon equates sexual virility with firing power.”

More of Michael Jean Cooper’s work can be seen on his website:

fetish by Michael Jean Cooper

“ Fetish ” by Michael Jean Cooper

Wood carvings by Boris Ivanov

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Sculpture by Boris Ivanov

Sculpture by Boris Ivanov

Ivanov Boris

These wooden sculptures are carved by Boris Ivanov ( Борис Иванов ) from Narva, Estonia.

Boris Ivanov was born in 1968.

He started carving in 1990.

In 2002 he had solo exhibition in Narva Art gallery. And now he`s work are in private collections in Europe and the USA.

Boris Ivanov never learned carving, he did not finish any art Institute, all he knows is what he learned by himself .

More works by Boris Ivanov can be seen here:

And you can buy his work here:

Wooden sculpture “Eva” by Kvitka Anatoly

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This sculpture is carved by Kvitka Anatoly ( Квитка Анатолий ) from Lugansk, Ukraine.
He used bubinga wood for the main sculpture and marble and bronze for the pedestal.
More of his sculptures can be seen here: