Marquetry furniture by Silas Kopf

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Silas KopfThis furniture is made by Silas Kopf from Easthampton, Massachusetts, United States.

He was born in November 6, 1949, Warren, Pennsylvania.
Silas Kopf graduated from Princeton University in 1972 with a degree in architecture.
He has been making furniture since 1973.
In 1974 to 1976 he was apprentice to Wendell Castle.
In 1988, he received a Craftsman’s Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts,
and used the opportunity to study traditional marquetry technique at the École Boulle, an institute of interior architecture and design, in Paris, France.
His work is in museums and private collections around the world.

kiss my ass by Silas Kopf

“Kiss my Ass” by Silas Kopf

Some people collect books;  Kopf collects veneers, especially those from trees like ebony which are fast becoming rare.
He helped start the Good Wood Alliance, a group that supports managed forests where the number of trees harvested is balanced with the number nature can regenerate. “I would like to buy wood from certified forests where I know the ecosystem is respected,” he explains.

Artist statement:

“Furniture making is architecture on a smaller scale with a design problem to solve.”
“The most important part is the sense of continuity, the idea of being part of this kind of work that’s gone on for hundreds of years.”

More of his works can be seen on his website:
Silas Kopf Woodworking
And there You can purchase his book  “A Marquetry Odyssey” or DVD, which explores various master techniques that have been used to make marquetry decoration on the masterpieces of Western furniture.

“Silas Kopf ……..a day in marquetry” from

Carving by Dadyushkin Wladyslaw

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Dyadyushkin WladyslawThese carvings are done by Dyadyushkin Vladislav Y.  ( Дядюшкин Владислав ) from Krasnodar, Region of Krasnodar, Russian Federation.

He was born in 1974 in Georgia, where he graduated from high school.
Vladislav started professional wood carving in 1998.
For making icons Dyadyushkin Vladislav received blessing from His Eminence Bishop Vsekubanskogo and Krasnodar Isadora.

Artist statement, translated from his website:

“ Wood carving for me – a way to decorate household items.
In my opinion, the wood was and remains the most convenient and popular material, especially when You want to decorate Your home.
And in a hundred years carvings will not lose its appeal and not go out of style. ”

To see more of his work, please visit his online store :

Wood carvings by Nikolai Bondar

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Nikolai BondarThese sculptures are carved by Nikolai Bondar ( Николай Бондарь ) from Kiev, Ukraine.

Artist statement:

“ I started woodcarving, because it is a source of pleasure, not profit.
I do not remember when I begin to cut wood and I do not know when I will give up.”

Tree species which are used for these works are: maple, juniper and oak.

More of his works can be seen on:

Woodwork humour

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carved wooden bird

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. Your wife tolorates you spending so much time on this website, only so she can say “See, I told you,  it’s an obsession!”

2. Your wife asks you what you want for Christmas, and immediately follows it with “But I’m not getting you another plane this time!”

3. Your wife has listened to you talk so much about woodworking that she knows more than most regular guys, and can name all your tools correctly.

4. Your wife reads all your woodworking magazines because you leave them in the bathroom, and chides you when she sees you’re not using proper safety methods.

5. When the first thing your spouse does when she comes home from work, is to stick his head in the shop and call out, “Digit count!?”

6. Your wife asks why did you buy another router when you bought a router last month? Your reply is,” I just got a new real cool router bit and needed a safe place to keep it.”

7. You try to convince Your wife that it is a bigger inconvenience to move the table saw every time  she wants to park in the garage then it is for her to carry the groceries into the house in the rain!!

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Marquetry by Kevin Dunlop

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Kevin DunlopThese marquetry masterpieses are done by Kevin Dunlop from Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.

Kevin Dunlop started his apprenticeship in marquetry and furniture making in 1980.
He studied at:
Conestoga College – (The Ontario Woodworking Centre) Manufacturing Technician of Wood Products
Sir Sanford Fleming College – (The Haliburton School of the Arts)  Various coarses in drawing and design
Herbert Lappins – Apprenticeship in the art of marquetry.

His pictorial scenes in wood are veri detail, for example the life size “Snowy Owl”  features over 1000 pieces of wood and sand shading to give the effect of shadows between the feathers.

Attempting to express the beauty of the Haliburton highlands and the Algonquin area is the inspiration for the landscapes and wildlife that are found in Kevin’s marquetry.
Kevin said: “The essence of Canada, is not in our cities but a few steps off the beaten path.”

More marquetry by Kevin Dunlop at