Wooden sculptures from Italy

Posted By on May 16, 2010

Livio De MarchiThese sculptures are carved by Livio De Marchi from Venice, Italy.

In my opinion he is one of the most represented woodwork artist on the Internet. With the help of Google You can find hundreds if not thousands articles about his art , so I too had to make one.

He has carved his entire life. As a child, he worked on ornamental sculptures in the Venetian tradition in the workshop of a craftsman. During his artistic evolution he started with marble, then bronze, and eventually settled on his favorite medium, wood.

Livio De Marchi uses simple hand tools to do his wood carving. He uses about 100 different chisels and an old wooden hammer which is dated “1964.” They are always on his workbench and he uses each and every one of them. If just one chisel is missing, he finds it difficult to work.

He has carved a wide range of sculptures from delicately folded wooden clothing to floating wooden horse-drawn chariots that have floated down the canals of Venice.

More of his amazing sculptures can be seen on his web site:  www.liviodemarchi.com

Wooden sculptures from Israel

Posted By on May 9, 2010

Eli AdamitThese sculptures are carved by Eli Adamit from Meitar, Israel.

Eli Adamit wins the first prize in July 2011  with the sculpture “Moishale” in competition at the forum: “Wood Carpentry and Wood Crafts” in “Tapuz Anashim” .

Most of his sculptures are made from Indian sysam wood.

Eli`s declaration about his wood art:
“The woodcarving in my eyes is like a couple dancing, the trunk and the figure which is in my mind.
During the dance, the trunk undress not necessary parts and the image are dressing its shape, the image is known in advance but the grain and the shade which the image will wear, unknown and become clear during the carving dance.”

More of his work can be seen on lumberjocks.com/eli_adamit

Relief carvings from Ukraine

Posted By on May 8, 2010

These relief carvings are made by Vladimir Rusinov ( Владимир Русинов ) from Komsomol’s’k, Kharkov region, Ukraine.

His most detailed work are reproductions of Peter Paul Rubens paintings in 3D woodcarving from wild pear.

More of his work can be seen here:  www.rezbaderevo.ru
And some of his works are for sale here:   derevo-art.ru

The Birth of the Princess

The Birth of the Princess

The Flight from Blois

“The Flight from Blois” by Vladimir Rusinov

The Flight from Blois

“The Flight from Blois” by Peter Paul Rubens

In 2009 he made a joint project, “Alice in Wonderland” chess table, with the author Epstein I. (chess from mammoth tusk) and Konyaev A. (carved chess table).
More carvings from that chess table made by Vladimir Rusinov can be seen here: www.rezbaderevo.ru/foto_big.php

doors to the chess table

And here is a very detailed and lengthy video of that checkerboard.

Woodwork humour

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You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. Your girlfriend/spouse introduces you to someone and finishes off by saying that you always carry a chainsaw in the back of the car, just in case. (For some reason they ALWAYS do this when introducing you to someone attractive….)

2. You have “handmade by …….” branded on you arm ( a slip of the branding iron).

3. despite almost cutting off a finger, you go back in to the shop to see if you can still do anything with that bandaged hand, and think, “If I put two sided tape on my hand I could still hold a tool, or sand”.

4. Your dog has chewed on some of the rarest wood in the world.

5. You put a splint on a broken tree branch and wonder what it will look like after being milled into lumber many years later.

Lumber Car

lumber car

Proof that this is not fake, and the rest of the information on this image is here:

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Carvings from Ukraine

Posted By on May 2, 2010

Yuri Pankiewicz

These icons and doors are carved by Yuri Pankiewicz ( Юрий Панкевич ) from Poltava, Ukraine.

Icons are carved from alder and doors from lime-tree. Icons are covered with gold leaf and covered with natural beeswax .

You can purchase or order his works here:  derevo-art.ru

And his web page is here:  yurijpankevich.narod.ru




Royal DoorsRoyal Doors by Yuri Pankiewicz

St. George the Victorious

Icon “St. George the Victorious”

Icon Sign by Yuri Pankiewicz

Icon “Sign” by Yuri Pankiewicz