Carved wooden sculptures by Janet Denton-Cordell

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woodcarving by Janet Denton Cordell

Woodcarving by Janet Denton Cordell

These sculptures are carved by Janet Denton-Cordell from Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States.
Janet Denton-Cordell
Janet grew up deep in the Boston Mountain Range of the Ozarks, as the second daughter of the well-known Denton family with more than 175 years of combined woodcarving experience.
The art of the Dentons has been featured many times over the years, from articles in magazines such as National Geographic and woodcarving journals, to newspapers and television documentaries.
Janet Denton Cordell has won hundreds of awards for her carvings and is recognized as a master woodcarver by the state of Arkansas.

Janet has been teaching woodcarving since 1986, and in 1994 opened her own school of wood sculpture.
The Ozark Mountain School of Sculpture is currently housed in a log cabin on the family property, where the quiet, undisturbed atmosphere and close proximity to nature foster creativity.

Janet Denton-Cordell is a gifted woodworker, known for two rather different styles of carving.
Her elegant sculptures of women exhibit a fluidity of grace that is also echoed in her carvings of animals.
But her other remarkable contribution to the world of woodcarving is her revival of the production of the jointed wooden doll.
Popular from Victorian times, these dolls are especially evocative of a simpler time, when the fact that a wooden doll’s arms could bend at the elbows and knees provided endless fascination.

You may see more examples of Janet’s work on her web site:

Carved wooden sculptures by Stanley Rill

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Stanley Rill

Carved Dragon by Stanley Rill

Carved Dragon by Stanley Rill


These carvings are done by Stanley Rill from Port Townsend, Washington, United States.

Stanley Rill is a self-taught professional woodcarver.
He draws his inspiration from a love of nature , and it shows in each piece he creates.

For Stanley Rill an essential and rewarding part of creating commission work is the interaction that occurs during the process , he said :

 “ My experience as a custom woodcarver has taught me to work within the specific requirements of a particular project.
The ability to listen to and communicate with clients is an essential part of the process of designing and creating commission work.”

More carvings by Stanley Rill can be seen on his website:


Woodwork related humour

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Wood sculpture by Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski

Wood sculpture by Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. You look for estate sales because they might have good old tools for sale.

2. You have to sharpen you favorite chisel even when you have not used it………you just like it shiny.

3. You ask your neighbors and community to keep their scraps of wood waste for you instead of recycling them to the dump or worse…burning them.

4. every time you walk in to someone else’s garage or basement you lay out a shop in your head (the table saw could go here, jointer there, ect).

5. You dream about woodworking and what you could make of what you have.

6. You are sleeping and can’t stop thinking (dreaming) how to close tight that mitter cut you did earlier.

7. You find out a friend of yours has spent the previous day cutting and splitting firewood and you find out that one of the trees was holly – and you COMPLETELY FREAK OUT!
(I managed to find 3 or 4 pieces that had not completely checked. Still have most of them and that was 15+ years ago…)

8. You never completely finish a beverage because you know there’s sawdust in the bottom of your cup.

9. instead of playing poker online in your spare time you peruse this site.
Finally a worthwhile use of computer time.

Wood carvings by Fred Cogelow

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sculpture by Fred Cogelow

“Maddening Disposition” aka: “Takes more’n one wumin to drive a good man nuts”

These sculptures are carved by Fred Cogelow from Willmar, Minnesota, U.S.
Fred Cogelow
Fred Cogelow was born in 1949.
In 1971 B.A. Political Science, University of Chicago.
Full-time carver since 1978.

Fred Cogelow is completely self-taught reductive carver or as he puts it: “Self-taught in the discipline of esthetically dis-associating wood-fibbers.”

Fred Cogelow’s first contact with the sculpting, in his own words:
“My first endeavor in reductive sculpture was an assignment to carve a Scotty dog out of Ivory soap in third grade.
Attempting to develop excessive detail with a dull table knife, one of the legs was broken.
The teacher, responding to a polite inquiry as to the possibility of mending, confiscated both dog and implement, exclaiming, “It’s obvious you’ll never be a carver!”

Fred Cogelow has a great sense of humor, which is well seen in his works and in his explanations.
For example he sed about his sculpture “Taste the Soup of Madness” : “A delightfully lyrical ode to the phantasmorphic rutabaga.”

The BIO by Fred Cogelow (Not edited):
“Most folks are a good deal less interesting than the stories told about them, and it leads to considerable hesitancy to dispel the notions in circulation.”

Fred Cogelow aka Fredgelow Somebody (Everybody loves Somebody…sometime) one day hopes to be remembered as “the artist formerly known as ‘somebody’.

If you are interested seeing over 70 of his best pieces and reading about Fred’s development from a beginner woodworker to an accomplished artist of international fame,
you can purchase his book “Sculptor in Wood: The Collected Woodcarvings of Fred Cogelow”.

Wood Carvings by Anna Darbinyan

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“Flirtation” by Anna Darbinyan

“Flirtation” by Anna Darbinyan

These sculptures are carved by Darbinyan Anna Nikolaevna (Дарбиньян Анна Николаевна) from Moscow, Russia.Anna Darbinyan

Anna Darbinyan is a member of Moscow Union of Designers of Creative.

Since 2004 she has experience working with construction firms to design the interior and exterior of country houses.

Anna started to practice carving through a lucky chance and now she works in the techniques of three-dimensional wood carving (all styles), marquetry, graphics.
She works with ease in a variety of styles, while retaining their own artistic style.

She studied carving in the center of “Crafts of Russia” and in author Michael Il’yaev school.

Anna Darbinyan teaches wood carving and marquetry at the Centre for arts and crafts in Moscow.

Anna Darbinyan’s work was published in the first catalog of carvers in Russia.
She is a winner of international, national and Moscow contests.

Anna Darbinyan said about her sculpture “Man of Word”:
“It is allegory of the person who can get word to serve himself, distort or misrepresent it (lawyer, journalist, writer?).
And about sculpture “Diva” :
“Symbol of alien to as, gradually penetrating into our consciousness.”

More of her art can be seen here: