Carved wooden sculptures from Canada

Posted By on January 14, 2010

These wooden sculptures are carved by Betty Sager from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

Betty Sager experiments with many different styles of sculpting, from the classic human busts to the stylized and abstract. She has a love for the free form style, capturing the motion of nature.

Other than wood carving she is accomplished in pyrography and stone carvind.

To see more of hers woodwork, visit  Captured In Wood

And her stone sculptures can be seen on Captured In Stone

Carvings from Idaho

Posted By on January 10, 2010

Tom ReulTom Reul at work These carvings are made by Tom Reul from Hayden Lake, Idaho, United States.
He retired as an illustrator for the U.S. Forest service in 1983 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

With his turned and carved bowl “Olive Bowl” he won the turning contest: “Two Board Feet” in November 18, 2005. This contest was organized by
There you can see pictures and read comments about how it was done.

And more of his work can be seen here:

Marquetry from Russia

Posted By on January 9, 2010

These wooden mosaic paintings in stile of marquetry are made by Tatiana Timofeevna Gorin (Татьяна Тимофеевна Горина) from Moscow, Russia.

Tatiana has a unique ability to feel the wood as material. Her work has justifiably be called painting in marquetry.

More of  her work can be seen on her website:

And some of her work is for sale here:

Woodwork humour

Posted By on January 8, 2010

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

by Pat Sherman1. You know the wood species of each of the splinters in your hands.

2. Your feet and back hurt after 10 minutes of browsing in a clothing store, but you can stay on your feet 8 hours at a woodshow before feeling any real discomfort.

3. Your compost is made of vastly more wood shavings than grass clippings, and you have a very large yard.

4. You are checking out what’s on TV, see a program called “Domino” and you think it is a show on woodworking.

5.You suffer a MAJOR panic attack when a fellow woodworker says that the wife said, “Don’t bother getting kindling for the fireplace, I found some in your shop”.

6. You guess a Federal Bureau is probably a style of bedroom furniture. …And would like a set of plans so you can make one too.

7. You suppose the Chairman of the Board must be in charge of the lumber.

Pyrographic art from Conneaut, Ohio

Posted By on January 7, 2010

These pyrographic pictures are burnt by Pat Sherman from Conneaut, Ashtabula County, Ohio, United States.

In addition to wood burning she practice wood carving, chip carving and relief carving.

More of Pat’s works can be seen on
And on