Wooden sculptures from Canada

Posted By on December 30, 2009

These sculptures are carved by Elmer Gunderson from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

Elmer has said about his art:
“There is so much in a face: the life one has led, or the possibilities of a life yet to come. I strive with each carving to capture not only the personalities but their experiences of life as well.”

“The greatest gift carving has given me is in some small way to inspire others to experience nature on an intimate level.”

More of his sculptures can be seen on his website wood sculptures by Elmer Gunderson.

Wood carvings from Colorado, USA

Posted By on December 26, 2009

Christopher WhiteThese wood sculptures are carved by J. Christopher White from Loveland, Colorado, USA.
J. Christopher White is a unique combination of sculptor and poet and certainly a grate woodworker.
On the right is Christopher with his sculpture “Rushing Wind” which depicts the first nine notes of
Beethoven’s ninth symphony, “Ode To Joy”.

On his website Parables In Wood You can admire much more of his fantastic sculptures and You can order a Chris’ illustrated book “Parables” signed by the author.This book features more than 80 color photographs of 51 works of art by J.Christopher White.

final kiss

mid stream reflection

calming focus by Christopher White freedom's way by Christopher White

native perception

Family Circle

These Barn Swallows in Flight won first place for interpretive sculpture in the world class 2009 Ward World Championship Wildfowl Competition.

Furniture and wood art from Germany

Posted By on December 25, 2009

Paul KrenzThese magnificent creations of art are made by Paul Krenz from Niederkassel – Rheidt, Germany.

He was born and raised in USSR. Or, as he himself said:
“ It was granted to me by the will of the almighty to come in this world on the 13th of March in the year 1948. ”
In 1990 he moved his physical shell from former USSR to Germany.

His “A Bouquet with a Crown of Thorns” are acknowledged by the Guinness book of Records as the largest intarsia picture of the world including more than 6500 pieces of veneer.

Quote from his website:
“ When the first and greatest artist in the history of the universe finished his masterpiece, he crowned it with the realization of his own: He created Man as the incarnation of his creativity – it was his final unexcelled masterpiece, in which he laid the seed of his power of creation.
Since then it’s up to us to improve and design the divine work of art which we live on and create in harmony with the creator.
All the instruments for doing so have been given to us by our wise master since the very beginning – especially the recognition of our ability to create, to love and the freedom of decision. ”

Much more of his work can be seen on his website:  www.intarsien-krenz.de

A Bouquet with a Crown of Thorns

A Bouquet with a Crown of Thorns

Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed

ceiling of the canopy bed

ceiling of the canopy bed

And a cabinet he calls “my message to the upcoming generations”

cabinet by Paul Krenz

cabinet by Paul Krenz

cabinet by Paul Krenz inside

Woodwork humour

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You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

wooden smile1. everyone who buys you presents carefully chooses only things you could not make in your shop.

2. no one gift you tools, because they think you must have at least one of everything you could possibly need—but you don’t.

3. You haven’t bought a tool in the last thirty days and the store calls up just to make sure you’re okay.

4. You have at least one stray power tool in the living room at all times.

5. You have at least five magazine subscriptions with the word “wood” somewhere in the title.

6. Your wife or SO has learned exactly what to tell you NOT to do when she wants something simple and fast:
“I don’t care what its made of, Don’t plane it, don’t joint it. Don’t even sand it if you don’t have to. Don’t stain it. Just grab one of your million boards and cut it up and turn it into some shelves for the shed.”

Bonus: You might be a slightly evil woodworker if after you notice all that lovely hardwood her current kitchen is made of, you switch into critic mode and “help” your boss’s wife decide to get her kitchen remodelled, and then seal the deal by offering to tear down the “old stuff” for her….. And then get paid overtime for it by your boss.

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Miniature Tool Chest from Kansas City

Posted By on December 23, 2009

William R. RobertsonThis miniature tool chest is 1/12th scale reproduction of the Hewlett chest, a “gentleman’s chest” made in England in 1773.

This miniature masterpiece is made by William R. Robertson from Kansas City, United States.

All the tools are functional, from the hand-engraved boxwood folding rule with its five-leaf hinge (what was recording to Robinson  the hardest tool to make) , to the brass and steel backsaw boasting 160 teeth per inch.And the lock even works. The two tiny hand planers he made for this chest not only work, they work so well they’ve become an indispensable part of Robertson’s kit for making more miniatures.

William Robertson has made many 1/12th scale versions of period furniture, architecture and tools.
The Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum contains the largest collection of his miniatures.

Sources : www.toolchest-site.com , www.finewoodworking.com

miniature tool chest by William Robertson

miniature tool chest by William Robertson