Intarsia works from California, USA

Posted By on December 21, 2009

Harvey ZeuginThese intarsia pieces are made by Harvey Zeugin from Valley Springs, California, United States.
Harvey is a craftsman who enjoys creating wood intarsia with fine detail and high quality.

He said in 2008 :
“I have been doing Intarsia for 2 years now and never been happier to find something that I love doing.”

All hes project are made from natural wood , no paints or stains are used.

More of hes woodwork can be seen on hes website :  HarvJan’s Crafts

Intarsia Eagle

Intarsia Eagle

Rearing Stallion

Rearing Stallion

Intarsia Calico Cat

Intarsia Calico Cat

Small wooden sculptures from Memphis, Tennessee.

Posted By on December 12, 2009

Ellen CoxThese carved jewelry boxes and a “Heart Lamp” are made by Ellen Cox from Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

On the “Heart Lamp” , mounted on the “heart strings” made of bubinga, is a mirror.
As the light is turned on, it projects a heart on the wall behind it.
The heart mirror is designed to be movable so the heart reflection can be adjusted.
One of the little balls on the base is the light switch.

More of her sculpture-like creations can be seen here :

Heart lamp

Heart lamp

Pyramid box

Pyramid jewelry box

Flame box

Flame box

Acorn love box

Acorn love box

Chips sculptures from Russia

Posted By on November 28, 2009

These sculptures are made from wood shavings by Сергей Васильевич Бобков (Sergey Bobkov).

Sergey Bobkov is a secondary school teacher from Krasnoyarsk, Russia .

Technology of making wooden animals from wood chips are unique. Sergey Bobkov invented it himself, moreover – he patented his invention, which is an event for the world of arts and crafts, because  it is really hard to invent something new here.

None of Sergey’s artworks are for sale in spite of that he was offered  five hundred thousand rubles (more than $17,000) for his Eagle.

All sculptures are anatomically accurate.

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Woodwork humour

Posted By on November 24, 2009

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

Small Sculpture1. You talk the missus into a remodel so that you can redo the bathroom with heated tile floors (moisture proof board warmer), a large steam shower (hermetically sealed lumber steamer), jacuzzi (soaking tub with agitators), and that bidet (low sink)…

2. You run out of room and start storing scraps on the stairway to your shop.

3. You store longer boards (that can’t make it down the stairs) in the front hallway, or in front of the kitchen cabinets “Just for today” which stretches out long enough to collect the “other” kind of dust.

4. even Your wife starts to point out bits of wood in dumpsters.

5. You have built wood racks, to hold approximately 10,000 board feet of walnut, cherry, cedar, red oak, and white oak that you have accumulated and you have logs outside waiting to be sawed into lumber (cypress, cedar, pecan & cherry) and all of a sudden you decide to build small decorative boxes. On top of that, you go online and order sugar pine and maple for your next two boxes.

6. You suffer a MAJOR panic attack when your wife calls you at work and says, “Don’t bother getting kindling for the fireplace, I found some in your shop”.

7. You can’t figure out why the neighbor lady slapped you.
All you said was, ”boy howdy, what I could do with that big Ash of yours.”

Wooden sculptures from United States

Posted By on November 22, 2009

Joni HamariThese sculptures from wood are made by Joni Hamari .

Joni Hamari has art studios “Hamari Fine Art & Furnishings” in Cave Creek, Arizona, and Wasilla, Alaska.

She has said to characterize her artistic career :

“I’m an accidental woodworker…
My main backround is actually sculpture, and art in many forms…”

“Training…none…I consider my abilities a God given gift…
Tools, not much, Chainsaw, circular saw, bandsaw…a few sanders, a hoist and a lot of ingenuity!”

The larger than life cougar sculpture ” Seeking Justice ” and the bald eagle sculpture “By a Hare!” are both carved from Old Growth Redwood.

More of her work can be seen on her website: Hamari Fine Art & Furnishings

"By a Hare!"bald eagle sculpture

" Seeking Justice "

" Seeking Justice "

larger than life cougar sculpture "A Change of Heart"