Woodcarvings from Russia

Posted By on November 20, 2009

These amazing carvings are made by Victor Dubovik (Виктор Дубовик), who leads a family workshop of artistic wood carving with his son and daughter.

Victor Dubovik and his family are from Bryansk, Russia.

Their family workshop have been working since 1996.

The main focus of their work is the production of art products from different kinds of wood: paintings, panels and interior items.

Their panoramic panels in high relief carving techniques from the series “Views of Old Moscow” were made for the Administration of Moscow and the Presidential Administration of  Russia in 2006 and were awarded Certificate of thanksgiving.

He has been a freelance engraver from 1996.

Much more pictures of his work , workshop and making process can be seen on his website :


And if you’re interested in buying his work , I find two online stores :





Wooden sculptures from Arkansas

Posted By on November 17, 2009

Steve GarrisonThese wood shells are made by Steven Garrison from Arkansas, United States.

He has  said:
” I like to try to create things that are unique and off the beaten path.
Not everything I make I consider “Art”, but I do have fun with it anyway. ”

And I agree with him , these shells are totally unique and making them was certainly fun .

On his website he has a e-book, “Wood Shells – A New Art Form” where he gives detailed instructions on how to make wood shells like these.

Marquetry from Germany

Posted By on November 15, 2009

Marquetry LionThese art works are made by Andreas Bauer who was born in a small German village on the outskirts of Heidelberg.

Andreas’s art is a expressing the unique beauty of wildlife through the medium of 100% natural woods.

No paints or stains are used in these marquetry pieces .

He uses over 2000 different natural woods to create each masterpiece and it needs approximately one year to complete one.
Andreas handcrafts each piece with it’s own unique style and beauty.

I am very sorry that I could not find a better-quality photos but more of his work can be seen on his website:


Andreas Bauer

Elefants by Andreas Bauer

Marquetry Wolf by Andreas Bauer

Marquetry Wolf by Andreas Bauer

Woodwork humour

Posted By on November 12, 2009

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:walnutdesk1

leg of bishop chair

chair leg

1. a man tells you you have nice legs, and it doesn’t even  occur to you that he might not be talking about your table or chair.

And maybe you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. You find yourself telling a guy you like his legs.

2. You ask a forum full of men “You want to see my legs”?

leg library-table-leg table-leg turned leg

3. You like a man telling you that you have nice legs.

4. all your good clothes end up as shop/work clothes within a year of buying them due to that one more thing in the shop before running to work…

Carved mirror frames from Turkey

Posted By on November 11, 2009

Ayhan_Tomak_2009These mirror frames are hand carved by Ayhan Tomak from Istanbul, Turkey.

He is a member of Helsinki International Artists Association.

Besides wood carvings he has made illustrations for various newspapers and magazines and the cover design of books and CD’s.
He is also a very good surrealist painter .

More of his artworks can be seen here:  www.ayhantomak.com

carved mirror framedesign mirror relief by Ayhan Tomak

wood mirror framewood carving

carved mirror frame by Ayhan Tomak