Clocks and other wood carvings by Yuriy Firsanov

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sculpture Stranger by Yuriy Firsanov

Sculpture “Stranger” by Yuriy Firsanov

These wooden sculptures are carved by Yuriy Firsanov (Юрий Фирсанов) from Sochi, Krasnodar, Russia.
Yuriy Firsanov
Watches interested Yuriy from childhood. Is it not wonderful when a small iron box contains something alive, sort of a tiny organism with a hammering heart.
It’s a mystery and mystery is always calling.
The first unsuccessful, and therefore memorable experience of trying to understand watches was when he dismantled his father’s watch.
Later (much later) it turned out that the secret is not inside but outside, and watch is just a tool, certainly a necessary, sometimes clever and unique, but all the same just a instrument.
But the main mystery is time and man.

Yuriy Firsanov’s watches are philosophical discussion on the topic: “What is Time?”.

Quotes by Yuriy Firsanov:
“For me the time is not the movement of arrow, but the movement of the Soul”

” When I look at the works of painters and sculptors, I feel warmth and love that they have absorbed in their creations.
The surrounding world is dissolved and the soul opens to this love. “

More of Yuriy Firsanov’s creations can be seen on his website:

Sculptures by Efraïm Rodríguez Cobos

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These sculptures are done by Efraïm Rodríguez Cobos from Granollers, Barcelona, Spain.

Sculpture by Efraïm Rodríguez

Sculpture by Efraïm Rodríguez

Efraïm Rodríguez Cobos


Efraïm Rodríguez was born in Valencia in 1971, since 1977 he lives in Granollers (Barcelona).

He holds a Fine Arts degree from the University of Barcelona, where he has taught sculpture since 2005.

Since 1998 Efraïm Rodríguez has participated in various group exhibitions in galleries in Barcelona, Murcia and Madrid.

In 2003 he presents a selection of his most representative works in a solo exhibition at 3 Punts Galeria, Barcelona, which presents a catalog of all his artistic production to date.

His works evoke dreams or nightmares showing unconnected fragments of a subconscious mind with an impressive artistic vision.
His work is beautiful and disturbing in equal measure.

More sculptures by Efraïm Rodríguez Cobos can be seen on his website:

Woodwork related humour

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You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

by Mozalevsky Denis

Chainsaw sculpture by Mozalevsky Denis

1. You borrow 15 of your son-in-law’s old Wood magazines and make up excuses each week to keep them longer.
Still got them!

2. You offer to purchase the neighbors empty lot next to yours because it is filling up with your lumber.

3. Your neighbors buy a pit bull to guard their firewood.

4. You are at a party when a drunk lady asks about your hobbies, you tell her “I run a small woodshop”. Her reply “Oh you make wood” and with a straight face you say “No, wood grows on trees”…this actually happened.

5. You feel weird with pants on that don’t have cargo pockets.

6. You spend the weekend building a ‘clean’ box to house your laptop in the workshop…next year your plans include building an entire micro-office room there so you can do even more in the shop.

7. You ran a computer cable 50’ under 2 concrete slabs to get an internet connection into your garage (and then they invented Wi-Fi).

8. You spend more time on woodworking web sites than a 13 yr old does looking for naked women.

Laminated woodturnings by Jonathan Garcia

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Laminated woodturnings by Jonathan Garcia

Laminated woodturnings by Jonathan Garcia

These segmented wood turnings are done by Jonathan Garcia from Gilpin County, Colorado, United States.
Jonathan Garcia
In 2007 Jon Garcia graduated from the school of Industrial Design at Metropolitan State College in Denver.
After Graduation, Jon began acquiring an extensive collection of tools which enabled him to pursue his creative endeavors.

Jon has always had woodworking tools close at hand due to his father’s collection, and was influence by his mother’s pottery and brother’s drawings of bizarre wonderful creatures from an early age.

Jon is very detailed in making his sculptures, for example the creation of sculpture “Evolution” took about 350 hours.

Jonathan Garcia’s comment to sculpture “Pulsar”:
“ The inspiration came from a Pulsar Star. The center is rotating clockwise while the top and bottom are rotating counterclockwise; giving the top and bottom spirals the appearance of almost moving along through the center.
Inside of the top and bottom spirals I added bulb-like extrusions (same color as center spirals) to suggest that the center material is escaping through the vortex.”

More of Jonathan Garcia’s work can be seen on his website:

Chainsaw sculptures by Brian Ruth

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chainsaw sculpture by Brian Ruth

“Moonlight Serenade” by Brian Ruth

These chainsaw sculptures are carved by Brian Ruth from Poconos,Brian Ruth Pennsylvania, United States.

Brian Ruth was born in 1958.

He started chainsaw carving in 1979.
Brian Ruth got a business degree from Villanova University and while in college he worked as a tree surgeon.

In 1992 Brian Ruth and Steve Blanchard founded the first booking agency dedicated to promoting and preserving the integrity of performance chainsaw art.
It was appropriately named, “ Masters of the Chainsaw ” and its main focus is the representation of only the finest professional chainsaw sculptors.

In 2007, “Masters of the Chainsaw”, under the direction of Jen Ruth, released the first international group of female sculptors under the name “Chainsaw Chix”.

In September 2009, Brian and his wife, Jen, released book “The Homeowners Complete Guide to the Chainsaw”.

Ruth described his work as a performance:
“ The speed of it, the noise, the danger — all play into it. ”
But beyond the showmanship, “ at the end of the show, it has real value, real beauty. It’s all validated. ”

More of Brian Ruth’s work can be seen on