Carvings from Republic of Komi , Russia

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Those interesting carvings are made by Russian master Alarichev Andrew from Town Mezhdurechensk , Republic of Komi .

To see more of his work, visit

With almost each art piece he have a little profound  story. But, unfortunately, nor Russian or English are my primary languages , so translation is imperfect.

For the first carving he says something like this :

“Peasants rush to woman’s breasts, but it always turns into a hand, which turns them as she wants, and all this on a beautiful background.”


Its a reminder for sauna and its says something like this : ” When going to the sauna , take Your own wife with You but not the other mans wife.”

for sauna





the third is too much

the third is too much


Marquetry art pieces from France

Posted By on October 8, 2009

D.CiamaroneThose art pieces in a stile of marquetry are made by Dominique Ciamarone from Lyon , France .

As a teenager he started to make figurative works in ink, watercolor and oil .

Hi discovered technique of marquetry in 1981  .

In 1983 he exhibited his first works .

For his perseverance and determination in 1990 he obtained the title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” .

Hi is the author of a book  “Models of Marquetry” .

More then 200 of his works are displayed on his website



grand prix

grand prix

jazz fusion

jazz fusion

on the warpath

on the warpath

Woodwork humour

Posted By on September 21, 2009

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. You spend your last $20.00 on a board just because it’s “purdy”.

2. You are so proud of yourself because you finally found a justifiable use for the “purdy” board you bought.

3. every time you run into a solid wood door it takes you 3 minutes to go through the thing as you check out whether they used quarter sawn or rift sawn lumber, the joinery, did they alternate grains on the glue up, what type of router set they used or did they have a shaper? And in your head you calculated how you could build the same thing, cost and time investment.mousetrap

4. You love the smell of sawdust in the morning.

5. No matter what you’re wife wants from a store, you say, “don’t buy it, I can make it.”

6. while watching TV you pay more attention to the furniture / molding / cabinets than the show. Always thinking .. I can make that.

7. You’ve got your wife convinced that putting her Diet Coke can on your cast iron tables is grounds for divorce.

8. You look at a tree root that is smaller than a pencil and wonder “What can I do with this?”

Model boat builder from Sri Lanka

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Tuanie IsmailThis model boat is build by Tuanie Ismail from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka .

This one tenth scale model of an ancient Galleon (wreak) was made for the Dutch Maritime Museum In Galle  Sri Lanka .

That famous merchant ship Avondster sank off the southern coast in the 17th century.

As you can see, making such model boats is an extremely intricate process. Model makers need to have the patience of a player, combined with the dexterity of pianist, in order to put together these beautiful boats.
Being based on a real historic vessel, there is also a great deal of accuracy required within the construction. To create models such as the one pictured below requires a great degree of knowledge and skill.

The whole story of his work can be read here .

And the whole building process can be seen here on YouTube.

The Avondster

The Avondster

The Avondster

The Avondster

And the cross section is made separately for educational purposes .

cross section

Beautiful marquetry from Russia

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portretThis fine marquetry works are made by master Matveichev Vyacheslav Dmitrievich from the city of Kaluga , Russia.

Hi was born in 1930, in village Titovskoe the Moscow region .

He finished art – vocational school № 65 in 1949, in the city of Moscow. In the 50”s took part in the first post-war restoration of Vasily the Blessed Cathedral and the Historical museum in the Red Square in city of Moscow. Since 1957 has been making wooden mosaics. In 1963 created a factory of incrustation art in city of Maloyaroslavets of the Kaluga region.

More of his marquetry and restoration works can be found on his homepage

tabletop 1989fragment

tabletop 1989

Beethoven portrait 1961

Beethoven portrait 1961

corner tablefragment2

corner table