Marquetry furniture by Kory M. Zussman

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Club room by Kory Zussman.jpg

This home library furnishing is done by Kory M. Zussman from Calabasas, California, United States.

Kory Zussman started woodworking as a 13 year-old kid in seventh grade.
In senior high school he participated in “Vocational Wood Shop” which was two hours a day, five days a week.
After senior high school he did not engaged in carpentry work for thirteen years. He completed his education as a Periodontist.Kory M. Zussman

In 1998, he came out of his woodworking retirement by building a triplet cradle for his sister triplets.

Kory Zussman has said about that time:
“  During my formal professional education and the early years of establishing my practice, my spare time had been extremely limited.
As a result, I had denied myself something that I truly loved to do.
At that point, I made the decision to get back into woodworking and to perfect my skills through trial and error as I read, took courses and worked with experts.
I began by acquiring some basic tools that would allow me to build simple pieces.
After a short period of time, I upgraded to more professional quality tools, many of which I still use today. ”

More of his work can be seen on

Wood carvings by Robin Smith

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Melting Table by Rob Smith

Melting Table by Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a very versatile artist. He is most known for his steampunk USP flash drives but I showcase his work here because of the “ Melting Table ” and of course the “Artype Custom electric Guitar”, these are the true examples of fine woodworking craftsmanship. Rob Smith

Artist statement:
“ I’m an entirely self trained woodcarver/box maker & I absolutely adore doing what I do!
All of my work is entirely unique and despite my work being based on ‘themes’, no two pieces are ever alike.
Almost all of my timber (even the exotics that I use) is recycled and I will always make every attempt to minimize any timber wastage.
If my timber is ‘new’ it only comes from trees that have had to be felled due to disease, development or other necessary reasons, and in these circumstances I can tell you when, where, how and why the tree was felled.”

To see his recent works, visit
And his work can be purchased here:

Woodwork related humour

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beer by Victor Kaut

“Beer” by Victor Kaut

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. You get A piece of lumber for Christmas and it makes your whole day.

2. Giving router bits to your wife for x-mas, and not remembering to duck.

3. You tell the wife you’re stopping by the church/temple on the way home and she knows it’s the Woodcraft store.

4. You dress up for Halloween and instead of say trick or treat you say:  “I just want to take a picture and a few measurement of your furniture”.

kums by Victor Kaut

“Kums” by Victor Kaut

5. the forest rangers know you by your first name and search your truck for chain saws each time you enter the forest even though you have told them a hundred times you are helping nature by removing the old dead stuff.

6. You spend hours telling person how properly maintain a tool, then tell where to go buy their own, because the first carnal rule of the woodworker is not to lend out your tools.

7. You carry a chainsaw in the trunk and chase behind tornadoes to get those knocked down trees that fall across the road.

8. the drivers of lumber delivery trucks know where you live and where to unload your lumber order while you are out looking for a new router/ tablesaw or picking up a cup of coffee.

Miniature wooden watches by Valery Danevich

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miniature wooden watch-pendant

Miniature watch-pendant by Valery Danevich

These pocket watches are made by Valery Danevich ( Валерий Даневич ) from Kiev, Ukraine.
The only non-wood detail in these watches is the spring and they are fully working.

Valeri Danevitsch was born on 13th October 1968 in Kiev, Ukraine.
The tradition of carpentry work is distributed in the dynasty Danevitsch from generation to generation, from father to sons.
From early childhood he was fascinated by the works of his father and grandfather.
In 1986 Valeri Danevitsch successfully completed his professional education as a cabinetmaker.
The ability to implement his knowledge and skills at a high level, motivated him to start his own company in 2004, specializing in production of high quality furniture accessories and wooden spiral staircases.
Another business was the restoration of valuable furniture of bygone eras.
Valery DanevichDriven by the question of what one could produce from wood, he started experimenting with wooden movements for clocks in 2005.
During this experimental phase of his career, he learned the basics of a watchmaker.
And essential was studying the properties of different woods that are suitable for watchmaking.
His first movement was designed for a floor clock.
After the sixth clock mechanism, which he did, he read the book about watchmaking and it only helped him to accelerate the calculations.

After several trials and errors the first pocket-sized watch was made in 2008.
The dimensions of the last watch, which was finished in 12. 2010 are: diameter 30mm , thickness 13mm and its made from birch burl, birch, apple and bamboo.

Valery Danevich has said about his work:
“ For what I’m doing them, probably for the best! For the soul, for the sake of money, and simply can`t not to do them.”
“When I working on a mechanism, I rejoice as a child for a success of every detail, even forgetting about the problems.”

More of his work can be seen here:
The content mostly come from here:

Carved Furniture by Kaj Lindgård

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Heaven and Hell set table closeup by Kaj Lindgård

“Heaven and Hell” set table closeup by Kaj Lindgård

These marvelous carvings are done by Kaj Lindgård from Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Jurva, Finland.
Kaj Lindgard
Kaj has been studying cabinet making for three years and has been carving only four years,
it’s amazing what can be achieved when you have talent and great deal of persistence ( and he is only 24 years old ).
In my opinion the “Heaven and Hell” set is the coolest carved furniture made in 2010.

Kaj Lindgård graduated from the school Vocational Education Centre Sedu cabinetmaking courses in 2009.
In autumn 2009 he started new courses to practice for Masters degree in decorative woodcarving.
The furniture set “ Heaven and Hell ” is his last project in school. It took about half a year to finish.
He said about that set:
“ The idea is that the Heaven is the mirror frame and the table is hell.. The lid represents earth core witch separates heaven and hell.
The devils (legs) protects their most important thing, the fire,, center of the earth.
The wood is birch. And I made a mixture of 1 part linseed oil and one part spirits.
In that mixture I put oil groundcolors like terracotta and etc.
The devils I left without color. On top of everything I put semigloss varnish.. which yellowed the birch a little. ”
More of his works can be admired on