Woodcarvings by Igor Kuptsov

Posted By on February 20, 2011

carved bowl for candies by Igor Kuptsov

Carved bowl for candies by Igor Kuptsov

Igor Kuptsov

These fantasy vehicles and other wood sculptures are carved by Igor Kuptsov ( Игорь Купцов ) from Moscow, Russia.

Igor began carving when he was about a fifteen-year-old. He started with simple carvings but things became more complex all the time. Igor Kuptsov is a true artist and he does not like to make copies of  his own or others work.

He attaches very great importance to details, for example model ” Submarine ” is full of tiny details and the interior is even equipped with illumination from within. And the model ” Automobile ” have working springs on the front suspension.

More of his work can be viewed here: www.rezbaderevo.ru/rezchik

Carved turnings by Ralph Watts

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Cloud Connection

“ Cloud Connection ”

These sculptures are turned and then carved by Ralph Watts from Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.

By education Ralph Watts is mechanical engineer and nuclear garbage man but by call of the soul he is woodworker with lifelong experience in building houses, furniture, and other useful household items.
Most of his creations are turned because he finds the design freedom offered by the lathe a satisfying contrast to the rigid requirements of engineering.

Ralph Watts

Ralph Watts says about his work:

The Zen Buddhist philosophy emphasizes reaching a state of mind where only you and the task at hand reside in your awareness. This is the state of mind I try to reach while turning wood or carving in my studio. Some days the hours quietly disappear into the work and I am surprised when I stop and find myself ankle deep in wood shavings. If the piece is nicely shaped and if the grain and texture of the wood combine to make you want to hold it or just enjoy its unique look, the energy you have expended is transformed into a calm joy.

More of his work can be seen and purchased here: www.woodturner.org

Woodwork humour

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Carved Jarvis by lonswood

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. You have ever used a wood chisel to remove a splinter from your finger (and you’re pretty darn good at doing it).

2. You line up your splinters after removing them from your hands and try to identify them.

3. If you sell your old tools to purchase newer and bigger ones and realize that you made more money selling tools then you made from your real job.

4. You love your cedar so much that after running it through the planer you even manage to make little packets of the sawdust and put them in each room of your house so your home smells like your shop.

5. You can use maple, cherry, birch, and poplar in the same panel, and no one else can tell.

6. The value of the tools in your truck outweigh the cost of the truck.

7. You bookmatch your drawer bottoms.

8. Your food goes bad because you stole the vacuum pump from your refrigerator to make a vacuum press. (man, my wife was TICKED!)

9. Your wife tries to convince you that family time is not spent in the wood-shop!

Ship models by Den Holmes

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by Den Holmes

Ship Model “ Man-Of-War ”

Den HolmesThese handcrafted museum quality wooden scaled ship models are made by Den Holmes from Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, United States.

Den Holmes said about his hobby:

” It started from a simple interest and simple ship building but has grown into a love of building these ships, as has my skills over the years.
My hobby has turned into making and selling my ships. “

The British warship model ” Man-Of-War ” is 100% scratch built, made out an 150 year old barn plank of chestnut wood.
The scale of this ship model is 1/96.
The model is 27″ long x 12″ wide, and 25″ high mid-ship.
It has 5 different deck levels, plank-on-frame construction.
Total work hours on the model, 1,175, and about 10,000 pieces. About 61′ of rigging.

More ship models and other woodwork by Den Holmes can be seen on his website: DENS MODEL SHIPS

Carved wooden sculptures by Igor Ivchenko

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“ Gymnast ” and “ Girl on the ball ”

“ Gymnast ” and “ Girl on the ball ”

These sculptures are carved by Igor Ivchenko ( Игорь Ивченко ) from Odessa, Ukraine.
Igor Ivchenko was born in 1964.
Since 1990 he has participated in art exhibitions – the Ukrainian and international. His works are in private collections all over the world.

Igor Ivchenko

Thoughts on Wood by Igor Ivchenko:

” In the contemporary art are many different styles, trends and concepts.
In my opinion very often the basic principle of art that “man is the measure of all things” are extended for a second ore even a third plan.
Coldness, non-human, space, banter, abstraction, etc. occupy very significant area in art.
But sometimes you want to touch the living, down-to-earth, closer to the human substance.
And here, everything is important: the history, mythology, literature, images familiar from childhood, youthful romance (so out of place in a hard, modern world).
But without that person loses the most, and perhaps the best part of himself.
My favorite material is wood. What could be closer to man than wood – material of a warm and lively, archaic, primordial.
Touching the paper, made of wood, you do not feel the cold and the grandeur of marble or bronze, but the live energy of the sun, combined with the image etched in this material may awaken in your heart something good and bright and nourish it (soul) with live power.”

Much more of magnificent carvings by Igor Ivchenko can be seen on his website:  ivchenkoigor.at.ua