Carvings by Brian McEneny

Posted By on October 16, 2010

Brian McEnenyThese sculptures and wall hangings are carved by Brian McEneny from Seal Rock, Oregon, USA.

Brian McEneny grew up in Southwest Washington.
In the early 70s, he moved to the Oregon coast. There, he met and worked with a couple of carvers who were just starting to use chainsaws to carve wood.
By the late 70s, he was carving full time and opened his first gallery in Seal Rock.
When Brian started carving, he did the whole gamut of chainsaw art from bears, eagles, owls, salmon and sea captains to cowboys,  indians and totem poles.
In the mid 80s, he began carving marine animals, what has been his main body of work because of their shapes and fluidity.
Brian works with a variety of beautiful wood including Red Cedar, Black Walnut, Cypress, Maple, Myrtlewood and Port Orford Cedar.

More of the lifelike marine and wildlife wood sculptures you’ll can see at Brian McEneny Woodcarving Online Gallery.

Woodcarvings by Plamen Dinkov

Posted By on October 5, 2010

Plamen DinkovThese carvings are done by Plamen Dinkov ( Пламен Динков ) from Sofiya, Bulgaria.

Plamen Dinkov was born on December 19, 1957 in Blagoevgrad.
Since 1980 he lives and works in Sofiya.

From 1977 onwards, he has been actively engaged in wood carving and fine woodworking.
Parallel to the wood carving, he is professionally wrought iron in 1987 – 1990.
His works are in private collections in Spain, Greece, England, USA, Russia and the Vatican.
His works were purchased and served as presents during visits of Pope John Paul II and the Spanish King Juan Carlos.

More works by Plamen Dinkov can be admired on his website:

Sculptured furniture by David Delthon

Posted By on October 2, 2010

David DelthonThese furniture pieces are sculpted by David Delthon from Escalante, Utah, United States.

David Delthon was born and raised in Baldwin, New York, USA.
In 1965 – 1968 he studied Economics, Haverford College, Pennsylvania, USA.
In 1970 – 1971 he Worked as an artist and cabinetmaker in New York, USA.
In 1972 David moved to Germany and studied in Design and Interior Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin.
In 1979 he passed the Master Cabinetmakers Exam and Certification in West Berlin, Germany.
Since 1979 David Delthon has been working as a freelance artist/furniture designer until 1996 in West Berlin and then in Escalante, Utah.

Artist’s statement:
“As a furniture artist I sculpt with wood, investigating interior space and defining exterior boundaries.
It is my intention to create functional sculptures without sacrificing artistic values, hence the concept of sculptured furniture.”

David Delthon’s website:

Woodwork humour

Posted By on October 1, 2010

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

carved dwarf by Vladimir Krivtsov

Carved Dwarf by Vladimir Krivtsov

1. You can’t look at a piece of furniture with out crawling under it to see how its built.

2. You can name all the parts on a hand plane (I get weird looks when I say I’m going out to get a replacement frog…)

3. after turning the garage into a woodshop you put a small one in the basement for small quick projects.

4. While out searching for a home in a new city to buy, with your wife and 6 year old grandson, you drive by a house with the garage door open and notice that inside is a woodshop.
You stop, turn around and spend the next 45 minutes talking to a fellow woodworker while the wife and the grandson wait in the car for you.
When you get back to them, you tel them what you and the fellow woodworker talk about, though they undestand nothing.

5. When Ash Grove Mo, Twin Pines Mn, Red Oak Iowa, Maple Shade NJ, Cedar PK Tx, Hickory NC, Poplar Bluff mo, and Cherry Hill NJ sound like great vacation spots.

6. You find shavings in every pocket in all your clothes.

7. You attach sandpaper to your cell phone and put it on vibration for touch up sanding.

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Woodcarvings by Vladimir Krivtsov

Posted By on September 26, 2010

Vladimir KrivtsovThese carvings are made by Vladimir Krivtsov ( Кривцов Владимир ) from Volgograd, Volgogradskaya oblast, Russian Federation.

Vladimir Krivtsov was born in 1963.

In 1983 he graduated from Penza Art College in the specialty graphic designer.

More of his work can be viewed here: